Polish language course from scratch

The aim of this course is to learn Polish from scratch to the level of ability to be able to communicate freely and live in Poland. An additional task is also help before admission to the university (preparation for an interview), where the Polish language may be necessary. The world of the Polish language cannot be boring and the teacher is prepared to demonstrate it. Using his own experience, the teacher will share life tricks that cannot be found in textbooks. It is also a great opportunity to develop a student's communication skills.

Basic information

Subject: Polish for foreigners - beginner (A1-A2)
Number of lessons: 16
One lesson time: 120 min.
Free space: 21/30
Registration starts: 20-09-2022 14:38
Completion of registration for the course: 17-01-2023 23:59
Course start: 03-01-2023 17:00
End of the course: 17-01-2023 17:00

Course description

The task of the discipline is to teach or improve various types of speech activity, listening, speaking, dialogical speech, reading, writing and translation. By the end of this course, students should understand and demonstrate the ability to freely respond to the general information and detailed information contained in the following texts: • Conversations;
• Stories;
• Radio and television programs;
• Descriptions;
• Personal lists;
• Articles of various origin;
• Conversational topics that are expected to be studied during the course;
• In standard, clearly formulated and articulated text that includes the information learned during the course;
• In audio and video recordings of all kinds of public life within the conversational topics provided by the program.
Skills at the end of the course:
• Students should be able to express themselves in a dialogical and monological form based on the topics proposed during the course and have the necessary vocabulary relating to topics that were not covered during the course;
• Students must be able to understand and communicate communicatively to the materials presented;
• Students can write personal and official letters, notes on a topic, directions and instructions in clear order, stories, narratives and works, descriptions of the appearance and character of people, places, objects, processes and events.


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