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Our teachers conduct lessons online, in real time, allowing you to interact, ask questions, ask for help and give feedback from the teacher. A computer with a working microphone and camera is enough to participate in the classes. Classes are held in small, intimate groups.
Polish language course from scratch
The aim of this course is to learn Polish from scratch to the level of ability to be able to communicate freely and live in Poland. An additional task is also help before admission to the university (preparation for an interview), where the Polish language may be necessary. The world of the Polish language cannot be boring and the teacher is prepared to demonstrate it...
Free space: 20/30
Completion of registration for the course: 17-01-2023 23:59
50.00 PLN
Monthly for access to the course, monthly fee
The Polish language course is continued to the C-1 level
Cel kursu jest kontynuacją nauki języka polskiego od poziomu początkowego do poziomu zaawansowanego. Dodatkowym zadaniem jest również pomoc przed przyjęciem na uczelnię wyższą i przygotowanie do rozmowy kwalifikacyjnej. Najważniejszą rzeczą, z której nauczyciel zdał sobie sprawę podczas studiów, jest to, że nie ma rzeczy niemożliwych - są tylko rzeczy niezrozumiałe....
Free space: 19/30
Completion of registration for the course: 17-01-2023 23:59
50.00 PLN
Monthly for access to the course, monthly fee

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  • Online classes have been our specialty for over 8 years! During this time, we have developed proven methods of learning and engaging the student during remote meetings, when there are no classroom classes.
  • We prepared thousands of students for the Matura exam, hundreds for the eighth-grade exam and we helped many with the current material at school.
  • Hobby activities are a natural element of our development, which is why we care about supporting students in all areas of their education and interests.
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